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Grand Hotel

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Grand Hotel is situated on the southwestern bluff of Mackinac Island overlooking the Straits of Mackinac and – in the distance – the Mackinac Bridge. From the front porch – the world’s largest at 660 feet – guests can look down at the well-kept gardens and relax and enjoy the ambiance of “somewhere in time”. It is no wonder that hollywood has chosen to come here more than once. Indeed, like a classic movie, Grand Hotel is larger that life. The Victorian elegance has been kept intact. Each room at Grand Hotel has been tastefully decorated by New York designer Carleton Varney with its own special character and style. Breakfast and dinner daily are included in the Grand Hotel room rate, and are served in the Main Dining Room. Visit their website and familiarize yourself with the elegance and the history of this magnificent hotel. A stay on Mackinac Island at Grand Hotel is a unique experience and most guests depart to the mainland with memories that last a lifetime.

Grand Hotel – Children’s Programs
Grand Hotel – Esther Williams Swimming Pool
Front Porch of Grand Hotel

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Grand Hotel
286 Grand Avenue
Mackinac Island, MI 49757


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Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 - 10:12 am

Grand Hotel

One of the best views of Grand Hotel! 💎 #grandhotelmichigan ... See MoreSee Less

One of the best views of Grand Hotel! 💎 #grandhotelmichigan

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We just got back yesterday. This was the view from the Cupola. The colors were amazing.

Oh I had to think about where this was taken from! Still love the view from the balcony of the Suite we had last week!

What a brilliant photo, especially at this time of year with all the colours, glad that i have been

Our view from the Cupola Bar a few weeks ago.

There is no end to the beautiful pictures of the Grand Hotel. I could never get enough ❤️

Truly beautiful all times of the year. Of course, very few people see it during the winter.

Stunning! Make into a jigsaw puzzle!

This is the best time to enjoy the Grand and the island in all its glory.

Such a beautiful hotel... enjoyed my 3 visits there... especially Somewhere in Time weekend at this time of year💕

So amazingly beautiful as i remember a month or so ago...Pool area was Happening place! Thank You Grand Staff for everything!

Mackinac Island is so beautiful but particularly in the fall.

It’s lovely but my preference is the view out the window waking up in the morning inside the hotel.

Wow, so pretty...♥️♥️

What a fantastic picture!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ♥️

So beautiful there today!!!

My favorite place!

Wow! Love this view!!😍

Love this place.

Such beautiful scenery,

Best view and best time of the year to take that picture. ❤

This picture would make a great puzzle

Spectacular shot love it!

What spectacular colors!

I would love to live up north 😭🍁❤🧣🍂

Such a special place!

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Monday October 21st, 2019 - 6:22 pm

Grand Hotel

The Autumn Blaze Maples lining Cadotte Avenue are holding true to their name this fall! 🍁❤️🍁 ... See MoreSee Less

The Autumn Blaze Maples lining Cadotte Avenue are holding true to their name this fall! 🍁❤️🍁Image attachment

Comment on Facebook

Wow, they sure changed in a week! We truly loved our stay and the trip through the prettiest stand of trees in Michigan! Thank you Grand Hotel for the lovely photo! Just makes me want to pack a bag again!

Just beautiful! I am always there in the spring 🍁

So pretty. I will Always remember to my last visit to Michigan & my Awesome Friends Ruth Ann & Bruce took me to Mackinac. The trees hadn’t turned yet but it was such a fun place to visit. Thank You for this wonderful memory that I will always cherish. I’d love to go back in the fall to see All of its beauty. Blessings to you Ruth & Bruce for All your Awesome Hospitality. Love ya dear friends... Dee

The bottom picture is Absolutely Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Wow, Beautiful. We are going to have to plan another trip that direction again. We had a great time on Mackinac island. And this time we’ll get together for dinner 😀

That is unbelievable! So beautiful! 🍁

The trees are absolutely stunning.

Lovely vacation!😍😍😍

Stunning😮wish I was on Mackinac to see it in person!

When we're you there? We just spent a week in Mackiinaw. Now we are in South Bend. Wonderful fall colors

🍁🔥This is STUNNING!! The colors are outstanding up here this year!!

This is my home stTe ! Two of my Aunts worked here at the hotel way back before it was so Grand ! It holds special place I our hearts ! ❤️

Wow!! What a difference a week makes! I thought last weekend trees were beautiful!!

Now that is just beautiful... I think you should get one Cindy as we were talking about on our trip...

Love it! Thanks for sharing Mary!

That is breathtakingly beautiful. Didn’t know they existed there. Thanks for posting!

Oh my word!!! The color is fabulous. I was afraid the color of the leaves might not be as good as in past years. Not so here. I would love to see it in person

Mackinaw Island is always so beautiful.🍁

Another reason we planted our own Autumn Blaze...

Love this island! I would live there.

Beautiful Mackinac Island!

My “bucket list” always included spending a winter on the island...and I would still love to do it.

Wow, those certainly brightened up in a week!

We were there a month ago, thought it was great. But pales when compared to this!

I don't think we saw the red like that❣Have to find the pictures . That's something you would remember and we went 2x's💕

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Saturday October 19th, 2019 - 12:10 pm

Grand Hotel

It's Murder Mystery Weekend 2019 with the The Murder Mystery Company and our guests are dressed to impress! This year's theme is the Death of a Gangster- A 1920’s Mafia Marriage! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I so wanted to attend! Next year!

Love the arrangement 🤣. All the ladies at the flower shop are so talented. What joy they create in every arrangement.💗

this would be a fun event to attend

Wish we could be there!

So looking forward to coming back xx

One of my favorite places💜

Very kool, my kind a party

That looks so great <3

Who was the killer? We never found out. 🙁

The perfect Grand Hotel⭐️

Can't wait to go next time!

Looks like fun!

How much fun would that be!!!!

Jenna Cody Lawnichak next year? Let’s do it! Tata and I had so much fun we want to go back next year!

Yup. We are here

Matthew C. Jackson! Next year!

Karen Novak Guest Christa Clara Guest could’ve been there 😪

Brian.... 😔

Emily Eherenman Missy Kaufman Eherenman

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Friday October 18th, 2019 - 10:18 am

Grand Hotel

Happy Friday! We just love how the fall setting sun lights up the front of the hotel! 🍂☀️🍂 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Friday! We just love how the fall setting sun lights up the front of the hotel! 🍂☀️🍂

Comment on Facebook

Beautiful photo. I love the Grand Hotel. I can imagine myself having a glass of wine and watching the sunset.

I’ll be there next week with my mom and daughter! Three generations enjoying The Grand ❤️💞

So beautiful! Already looking forward to next year!

Sunrises are gorgeous as well.

Lovely, there in our memories when we view these photos.

Such a beautiful place

Beautiful. Looking forward to our 2020 trip. It’s a great trip.

Oh my God. Just Beautiful. Do they still close up in late November?

That would be a beautiful painting!💕💕

Oh how beautiful! I was just there last week but didn't stay in the Grand. I have stayed there before and I have wonderful memories. Took the Carriage Tour this time. Fun.....

Staying on the island Tuesday and Wednesday nights but not at the Grand. Hope to see this in person as well as lots of stars

My son joined the USCG and the Mackinac was his first duty station. We took him to Cheboygan and spent the weekend. Had never been there . We wandered up to Mackinac City and thought it was great. But oh.... when we took that ride to the Island. THE GRAND IS FABULOUS! My dream is going back someday and staying there!!💜

Been there and done that! Fantastic time I must say!!!!

It was a beautiful day here on the island. The grand hotel is as great as ever

Love the Grand! Will see you in a week!

Love love love this place 💜

😮 Only six more days and I get to see this view! 💕🍁🐴

Awesome picture beautiful place ❤️

STOP!!....,,,,so beautiful💙love my island💙

Such a beautiful place.

Better health hope get back in 2020. Love the Grand.

Beautiful and fun memories.

They had a special on Mackinac Island on PBS last night. Not on the Grand but of course mentioned and grounds shown a good bit. Told about how the waste on the Island was taken care of. It was very interesting. Love You Guys !! <3

Wow! How beautiful! 🌅

Happy Friday!

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