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Hotel Iroquois

Located on the waterfront at the western edge of town, the Hotel Iroquois is convenient to all the main-street attractions of Mackinac Island, yet far enough away to offer guests a bit of privacy from the downtown bustle. Stunning views of the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge are the hallmark of a stay at the Hotel Iroquois. Guests in the Tower Suite have a total of fourteen windows to gaze at the Straits and the Bridge. The other waterfront suites and rooms offer their own compelling views of the waters around Mackinac Island. You can sit on the balcony of one of the Gardenside rooms and enjoy the flowers and the charm of the street life on the island. The Hotel Iroquois has forty-six suites and guest rooms that are appointed with all the fine details and touches to make your stay relaxing and comfortable. All accommodations have queen or king beds, private bath, wireless internet service, color cable television with VCR or DVD players and telephone.

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• Photo Gallery – Catch a glimpse of the elegance of the Hotel Iroquois

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• Weddings and Events – the Carriage House dining room is ideal for an intimate gathering

• The Carriage House dining room at the Hotel Iroquois is well-known for its excellent food, fine service and beautiful waterfront location.

Conde` Nast Gold List and Travel and Leisure Top 500 recipient, the Hotel Iroquois was awarded a perfect 100 location points by Conde` Nast Traveler Magazine for its beautiful waterfront setting.

Hotel Iroquois
7485 Main St
P.O. Box 456
Mackinac Island, MI 49757


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Friday May 24th, 2019 - 9:51 pm

Hotel Iroquois on the Beach

Artists in residence
#barnwelllandscape #iroquoishotel #mackinacisland Jack Barnwell and Ben Fiolek
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Thursday May 23rd, 2019 - 11:16 am

Hotel Iroquois on the Beach

Flower delivery-and planting begins...
#barnwelllandscapeandgardenservices #barnwellgardendesign #mackinacgardens #provenwinners
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Flower delivery-and planting begins...
#barnwelllandscapeandgardenservices #barnwellgardendesign #mackinacgardens #provenwinnersImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Best place on the Island, in part do to the beautiful gardens.

I think your hotel is magical. I have to get back! I love the gardens!!

Nuthin’ prettier than walking through your mom’s garden! 😍

Karen Trimner. Remember?

Friday May 17th, 2019 - 7:49 pm

Hotel Iroquois on the Beach

Where the magic starts-looking forward to cooking for you soon. ... See MoreSee Less

Where the magic starts-looking forward to cooking for you soon.


Comment on Facebook

Miss this place.

Keep up the great work! Best hotel and kitchen on the Island!

I worked as a dishwasher and bartender in the late 80’s. The inside of the kitchen was as clean as a whistle!

Love it I came over 5 times last year just to have lunch. 👍🏻 looking forward to seeing mrs mac

Hey that’s what I’m talking about!

That was one of the best summer jobs I’ve had!! So fun to be on the island!!

i miss it just a little and sometimes a lot

Best place to work EVER!!! Have a great season💙💙

I miss this place . Best job ever..

I worked in that kitchen !!

1990, I was Chef George's Breakfast cook. Good luck everyone and have a great summer! Laura Wagar.

I am looking forward to indulging in what your 2019 offerings!

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Thursday May 16th, 2019 - 4:51 pm

Hotel Iroquois on the Beach

Opening Night at the Carriage House. Our 2019 staff looks forward to seeing you soon. ... See MoreSee Less

Opening Night at the Carriage House. Our 2019 staff looks forward to seeing you soon.


Comment on Facebook

Love it!! Good luck you guys!! Hi Becki McIntire Barnwell and Stephanie Blackmer and anyone else i missed!!

That old guy on the left in the vest looks familiar. He been around since the 90s????

See you the end of June ! My favorite place in Michigan

Awesome to see Max in the photo!! You are lucky to have him!! Good wishes for a great season!!

Hi from 1992 kitchen staff! Have a great summer!

From the class of 1987 & 88, enjoy yourselves!!

Looks like a good group!

I was a server there in 1963! Great summer. How is Mrs. Mac?

Can't wait to stop on for a meal!

Only place we stay when we come to the island.

Good lookin crew, now let’s see the kitchen staff!

Good looking friendly group.

LOVE this hotel and its beautiful waterfront views!!

Can’t wait to teach all of them about the Sonoma Coast!

All polished up and professional, always! Have a wonderful season !

Was a server there the summer of 1999! Best summer ever!! So many memories! That was back when we had to wear black dresses with pin on white starched collars and white aprons with the perfect bows! 😊

Miss it soo much... Good luck everyone!! 💜

Lookin good!!! Hold on to your hats! Your in for a wild ride!

Thanks. He’s cutest. No wonder he took 3 jackets.

Have a great season!

You all look so fresh & happy...... Have a great Season!

Don’t know if you remember me....Beverly Burda and my sister, Cheryl. We stayed at the Iroquois with our parents in June for many consecutive years when we were all kids. Wishing you all a great season at my FAVORITE vacation spot!

Have a good season!!!

Had two amazing summers working at the Iroquois. Have a great season!!!!

Love your hotel!! Love being on Mackinac Island!! 💕

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