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Pure Michigan Fall Color Update – October 21 – 27, 2016

For the Escanaba area, trees along the Lake Michigan Shoreline still have about a week until they hit peak, while inland forest have already mostly reached peak conditions.Overall leaf saturation for the Escanaba area is currently between 76-100 percent.

If you’re traveling in the Sault Ste. Marie area, you’ll find inland areas nearing 100 percent color saturation; but, along the shoreline, only about 65 percent of the leaves have changed. If you are in the area in the coming week, take a drive along the scenic Curley Lewis Memorial Highway for a beautiful view of Whitefish Bay on the Lake Superior shoreline. Pick up M-28 just west of Brimley and enjoy the great colors. Overall leaf saturation for the area is between 51-75 percent. Peak conditions are estimated to be about two weeks away.

Peek color is less than one week away for Marquette County as area foliage has reached 75-100 percent saturation.This weekend, visitors can attend the UP Shakespeare Festival (now thru October 30): Frankenstein Wednesdays and Sundays, or the Halloween Spectacle (October 22). All three events take center stage over the next few weeks at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. Visit Downtown Marquette Farmers Market each Saturday for great food, recipes, locally-grown produce and a variety of artisan wares. Peakcolor is less than one week away.

Take a hike to Mackinac Island’s Arch Rock for sprawling views of the island—now displaying near peak fall foliage. Closer to Fort Mackinac, beautiful reds and yellows are just starting to emerge. There is still plenty of time to enjoy Mackinac Island’s colors before the end of the season as leaves typically changes more slowly here than on the mainland. Overall leaf saturation is currently26-50 percent. The island will reach maximum peak conditions in one to two weeks. For the more Upper Peninsula color details, visit the Upper Peninsula fall color reports.    

Wine GlassLook no further than Charlevoix to experience Northern Michigan’s fall colors. During the month of October, fall colors are at their peak. Stop at Friske’s Farm Market in Atwood to enjoy numerous tasty treats. If you’re out for a drive on Charlevoix’s scenic country roads, be sure to stop by Rex Beach in Norwood for amazing lake views. The drive around Lake Charlevoix is a great color route. This journey will take you thru both East Jordan and Boyne City. The surrounding country side is full of gently rolling hills and abundant foliage. After a day of exploring Northern Michigan, stop downtown Charlevoix for dinner or a craft beer. Explore downtown boutiques for amazing fall discounts and one of a kind merchandise. Just before the sun sets, stroll along the south pier toward the lighthouse and enjoy the sunset on Lake Michigan. Overall leaf saturation for Charlevoix County is between 51-75 percent. Peak color is less than one week away.

As the temperature drops, trees around the Ludington area will start to show more and more color change among the area’s mostly green foliage. Overall leaf saturation for this area is currently between 26-50 percent.  Peak conditions are at least two weeks away.

Near Tawas City, a walk along the Corsair Ski Trails is definitely suggested. These trails are nestled in the beautiful Silver Valley area, surrounded by the 120,000-acre Huron National Forest and cross meadows, hills and valleys. The National Scenic By-Way along Oscoda’s River Road is also spectacular. For this area, overall leaf saturation is now at 51-75 percent and peak conditions will reach the region in less than one week.

Take a drive or a stroll through Hartwick Pines State Park. While the paved pathway is mostly pine, the drive around the camp has lots of beautiful hardwood. Enjoy the scenic drives on M-93 past Hartwick Pines, County Road 612 to Kalkaska and M-72 to Traverse City.Overall leaf saturation for Grayling and surrounding communities is currently at 76-100 percent. Peak color is here now.   

Roscommon County’s Higgins Lake area is at its best—showcasing beautiful skies and brilliant trees in its sparkling water. Golden hues, threaded with brilliant red ribbons surround Houghton Lake. Nearby, the city of St. Helen begs a drive on Old M-76 between there and Roscommon–the proposed route for the Iron Bell Trail bike route. Overall leaf saturation is76-100 percent. Peak color is here now.

For Muskegon, trees inland are beginning to change to their typical fall foliage; however, those near the lakeshore are still mostly green. In some inland areas, colors are at the 45-50 percent mark. Full fall color is expected within the next two weeks. The area is currently one to two weeks from peak conditions.

With bursts of crimson, gold, red, yellow and russet, color has certainly increased in the past week for the Lake Michigan community of Whitehall. Overall leaf saturation is at 26-50 percent and peak color is one to two weeks away.

Mount Pleasant has an overall leaf saturation of 26-50 percent, with peak color predicted to be less than one week away. This weekend, gather your family and friends to experience the vibrant fall colors with the Depot-to-Depot Fall Color Tour (October 22 & 29). Or, stop by the Haunted Hall (now thru October 29) or the Fall Into Jazz event (October 23).

Downtown Frankenmuth is in its peak with reds that should last another week. Right now, I-75 from Saginaw to Birch Run is at peak with yellows and almost at peak with reds. Area trees near waterways tend to still be on the green side. Overall leaf saturation for this area is currently displaying a 51-75 percent change. The entire Great Lakes Bay Region will reach peak in less than one week.

Northwest Van Buren County has come alive with color in the past week! Along Blur Star Highway, you’ll find a beautiful mix of colors mingled in with evergreens and pines throughout the area. This weekend, visitors to the area can check out local farm markets, wineries and breweries all season–as Fall in Southwestern Michiganwell as the Shadow Hollow Haunt, in Grand Junction (now thru October 29).  Overall leaf saturation is reported to be between26-50 percent with peak color estimated to be one to two weeks away.

Autumn is unfolding beautifully in Michigan’s Great Southwest with vibrant yellow, orange and red hues along the West Michigan Pike communities. Travel the Pike along Lake Michigan’s shoreline for spectacular color. While you meander the roads, be sure to stock up on apples, cider, pumpkins, gourds, wine and craft brews. Fresh is best! Overall leaf saturation is at 26-50 percent and peak color is expected to arrive in one to two weeks.

For Three Oaks, Union Pier and other communities of the Harbor Country Region, colors have really popped over the last week. Overall leaf saturation is between 51-75 percent.  It is estimated that peak color will arrive in another three to five days.

Colors have really started to pop in Southwest Michigan’s Berrien County. Viewers this week should take a drive along Lake Michigan to enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery. Overall leaf saturation is reported to be at26-50 percent with peak conditions about one to two weeks away.
The Kalamazoo area is ablaze with crimson, red, russet, purple yellow bronze and gold. According to locals, a tour of the area this weekend is well worth the drive. Fall color can be admired at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, walking parks in the 49-acre Milham Park and at upcoming festivals like theLumberjack Bash, (October 22) and the Haunted Fest, (October 28-30). The area’s overall leaf saturation is currently at 51-75 percent.  Peak color will arrive in one to two weeks.

In and around the Lansing area, viewers will find fall colors progressing well. Throughout the season, the area continues to offer the perfect venue for football, tail-gating, farm markets, beer-and family festivals. Overall leaf saturation is reported to be at 26-50 percent.  Peak conditions are estimated to be one to two weeks away.

Peak color is right around the corner in the Ann Arbor area! There are bright yellows, oranges and reds popping up all over Southeastern Michigan–with quite a bit of green still shining through as well. Now is the perfect time to canoe or kayak down the Huron River. Or take a walk through Bird Hills Nature Area, where the yellows and oranges are radiant right now. It’s truly the perfect time to enjoy a quintessential Midwestern college town–enjoy a stroll through the Diag (located in the center of the U-M central campus just north of South University Street, just east of State Street, and just south of North University), or dine al fresco on a sunny afternoon on Main Street. Visit a cider mill in Dexter or Milan for local cider and freshly-made donuts, or check out the antique shops in historic Ypsilanti–autumn is a great time to visit the Ann Arbor area! Overall leaf saturation is at 51-75 percent. Peak color will arrive in one week.

Monroe County is not yet at our peek colors. However, with the wide variety of trees in the area, visitors can expect exceptional views in the coming weeks. Suggested viewing areas include all along the River Raisin corridor and along Lake Erie. Viewers to the area will also find the William C. Sterling State Park and Luna Pier provide excellent viewing along the lake. Overall leaf saturation for Monroe County is 26-50 percent. Peak color will arrive in one or two weeks.

Overall leaf saturation for Adrian and surrounding Southeastern Michigan communities is between 51-75 percent–and the landscape looks fantastic. Peak conditions are expected in the next one to two weeks.


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